Monday, January 23, 2012

their parents' hobbies

Kids got to have a little time with Daddy on the Playstation.  He started out showing my son the game, but, of course, my daughter would not be left out, and he let her "play", too, while he had his own controller (tricky Daddy!) 

It was even funnier when she started examining the controller and not playing, but she was still "winning."

I snapped pictures but didn't hang out there long.  I was working on a couple hats to be donated to a local woman's shelter, as part of a contribution the library is making.  I really enjoyed doing it, and am happy with how they came out. 

I usually put an icord knot at the top of baby hats, but this time it didn't call to me, and this one just has a smooth crown.  The woman's hat is a vanilla hat, but the yarn is fun. 

Next time we're down there for books I'll drop them off, but the kids aren't done with their books yet, and I'm still trying to memorize the sock book I got before I have to bring it back.  Finally going to make some indestructible socks!!  Stay tuned because the yarn's in the mail!

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