Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nothing like a good night's sleep

Mornings are hectic, and I have been thinking that I could use some time alone with my coffee before the kids get up.  Thing is, they get up awful early as it is.  Regardless, to this end, my husband got me an alarm clock for Christmas.  A big old bell clock.  It doesn't have a snooze button (which is probably a good thing,) but I can't imagine it won't wake me up!  I hadn't set it, or tried it out until last night though...

Last night, at midnight, my daughter comes down, "Mama!  I have to pee!"  So I was up at midnight.  At 3:30, my daughter comes down for the bathroom again, so I was up then, and couldn't get back to sleep.  Half hour later, I hear a crash and screaming cries, and I rush up there to discover that she had fallen out of bed while trying to put her handkerchief back on her nightstand.  So I said to her, "When you're finished with your handkerchief, just put it under your pillow, then you don't have to reach for the nightstand."  She rejected my suggestion, but as I said "under your pillow," I went into panic mode....

I was supposed to be the Tooth Fairy for my son tonight!!  Ack!!  I tuck her in and rush downstairs to the closet looking for his prize.  This meant I had to turn the light on, which thrilled my husband, let me tell you. 
My son has been known to wake up not long after 4:00, so I was hoping I wouldn't get up there and wake him while I was on my secret mission.  Once I got up there, I really had to dig under his pillow for the note we'd left (we had to write the Tooth Fairy a note explaining that he had lost the tooth, but now had lost it again, and hoped she'd still come.)  He moved a little, but all was well.  Back to bed. 

So to the alarm clock I went, figuring that since I felt so wide awake, tomorrow was a good day to try getting up early and having my alone-with-coffee time.  I set the alarm for 6:15, and went to sleep eventually.

At a quarter to six, my son rushes into the room shouting, "Mama!  She came!  Look what she brought!!" Okay, I guess 6:15 isn't early enough.  Tomorrow I'll try 5:30?  Ugh.
When he ran off to play, my daughter got in bed with me, and when the alarm sounded at 6:15, I realized we'd been lying there too long.  That thing scared the crap out of all of us!  However, it really didn't make me want to get out of bed any sooner. 

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