Saturday, March 24, 2012

tomato encouragement

Hubby and the kids were out turning over the garden today, to get it ready to be planted.  I think it's a little early, but the good weather gets everyone giddy for planting.   I must say, I am definitely eager for all the beans and onions, and squash, and cucumbers, and most of all, the tomatoes!   (Still not going to plant in March, though.)
Anyway, we were crazy busy today, out and about everywhere, finally ending at the grocery store, where I bought (incredibly inferior to fresh out of the garden) grocery store winter tomatoes.  When we got home we had lunch, and then I started making yogurt, for the first time ever, so that was fun (it's still stewing, and won't be ready for the next step until my bedtime, so yeah, I'll be drinking coffee tonight!) But I digress....

So then for supper, while they were out in the garden, I made a tomato basil pie.  I used to make this all the time when my son was a baby, but we haven't had it now in years.  The best thing to do with winter tomatoes is to cook them, if you ask me, and my daughter loves tomatoes, and they were doing the garden, and it just seemed so appropo, and yummy!
And it was.  Yum!  So that's my good wishes effort for a good crop this year.  I can't wait for those tomatoes!  Now that will be a good tomato pie!

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