Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Sunday Swing socks still in the works.  I'm on the foot (the 10.5 inch foot......)

And so it begins.  Big Herringbone Cowl KAL.  Behold the mess it currently appears to be:
I was positive the stitches were twisted several times during the first row, and I had checked for that several times before I joined.  Thankfully, I was wrong and they were not twisted - I hate having to start over - who doesn't?
I'm only on the third row.  Have to break to go to my daughter's playdate. (That was fun, let me tell you, when each time I came to the start of the next round, when there's all this fiddly stuff for me to do, she tried getting on my lap and talked incessantly about what dress up clothes she was planning to wear at her friend's house. Sheesh, come back in two stitches, please. :))
So this is how it looks, three rows in:
I think I'm going to like it. :) I will say, though, it is a killer on the hands.  They ache pretty badly, so I'm glad for a break.

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