Saturday, February 11, 2012

happy to report...

I washed the Sunday Swing socks of the previous post, and threw the too big one in the dryer... to huge success! 
They both fit very well now, and although one is lighter than the other, I can report that I have worn them all day, both at home and out and about, and they are most comfortable and warm.  To put it simply,
I am in love with my new socks. 
(This is especially good news for me, as the last socks I finished are nothing to write home about, not even a little.)

In other news, I am swimming along with my cowl (after having to stop last night because the ball of yarn came to an end, and the new ball had yet to be wound.  Yeah, wasn't about to do that at midnight,)
and mom's sweater (to be fair, although I did get past a particularly tricky part in the sweater, the must-pay-attention and incredibly-long parts are up next!) 
Been knitting on the gauge swatch for hubby's socks while out in the yard with the kids, and while I was out today and had to wait, so those will be ready to begin soon enough. 

Enjoyed winding the sock yarn and cowl yarn this morning, using my knees as a swift, and my hands as a ball winder, although my arms still ache a bit from it... those are some big ol' balls of yarn!

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